Our plan is simple: we meet every month and discuss research papers in e-learning. Anyone interested in e-learning is welcome!

Who is LERG?

The London E-learning Reading Group is organised by Mira Vogel, Shosh Ish-Horowicz and Leonard Houx. We have enjoyed wonderful help from amazing curators and hosts such as Leonie Sloman (formerly co-organiser), Karen Shackleford-Cesare, Peter Roberts, Steve Bond, Alistair Spark and Ellis Saxey.

Want to join us?

Check our Eventbrite page for upcoming events. We meet the first Thursday of each month, 6.00-7.30pm with a different topic and venue each month. We use the texts as a springboard to discuss our own practices in digital education.

Make time to read the articles and please bring treats. Treats are important.