Pedagogy and care

In online learning, what role should we give to caring?

A seminar; somebody is making a video of the educator

If you’d like to join us, here’s what we’re discussing (in order of priority).

The best place to start we could find were Caring in Education and Maha Bali’s Pedagogy of Care Covid-19 Edition.

For a rather denser but rewarding review of research in the pedagogy of care and teacher-student relationships, this literature review, Teacher–student relationship at university: an important yet under-researched field is excellent.

Taking a more circumspect take on the pedagogy of care, the philosopher Martin Buber gives an interesting speech on teacher-student relationships in 1925 for an educational conference (see page 98, “On Education”).

If you would like a more critical perspective (if only peripherally so) Greg Foley’s letter to the editor in Irish Times critiquing progressive education eloquently touches on how ineffective teaching methods can often be sold as ‘caring’.

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