Video-conferencing for teaching online

Time may be solved – what about distance?

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Video-conferencing tools are commonly used for meetings or one-to-one tutorials at universities but less so for teaching. Come and discuss what these tools can offer distance and blended learning contexts, how they can enhance the interaction and collaboration, and what is needed to implement this in online programmes.

Main texts

Most research on synchronous online teaching is based on the Community of Inquiry (COI) theoritical framework: COI – theoretical framework

Here is a review of pedagogic strategies supporting the use of Synchronous Audiographic Conferencing in the British Journal of Educational Technology.

Studies focused on the use of video-conferencing tools

Here is a positive view on integrating webinar sessions into an online course in the Journal of Interactive Online Learning.

Susan Y. H. Sun is more cautious about the transferability of face-to-face interactions to the online learning environment. In her research, she discusses the pedagogical challenges of online language teaching.

Further readings

Here is a more recent study on designing synchronous online interactions.

This paper from The Open University looks more at the teacher training needs in an online environment.

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