Strategic direction and leadership

Where are we? Where are we going?

NIDL Top Ten splash

Where are we? Where are we going?

Each year the National Institute for Digital Learning at Dublin City University publishes its top ten digital education publications. This month we’ll discuss a selection from that, focusing on strategic direction and leadership.

If you only read one thing, make it:

Flavin, M., Quintero, V., 2018. UK higher education institutions’ technology-enhanced learning strategies from the perspective of disruptive innovation. Research in Learning Technology 26.

Additional reading:

For a broad review of educational technology:

Weller, M. 2018. Twenty years of EdTech. Educause Review.

And for a high level literature review of leadership in digital education:

Arnold, D., Sangrà, A., 2018. Dawn or dusk of the 5th age of research in educational technology? A literature review on (e-)leadership for technology-enhanced learning in higher education (2013-2017). International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education 15.

We look forward to seeing you – bring something to eat and drink, along with your own cup.

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