Lecture capture function creep

How a service came under suspicion.

We like to think of lecture capture as primarily a measure towards a more inclusive education, but events of the past year lead us to question this. When read in order, the following pieces tell a story of the function creep of lecture capture, measures taken to limit this, and the consequences for trust between academics and learning technologists.

If you only look at one thing, make it Melissa Highton’s talk at the bottom.

Warwick University propose use of lecture capture to combat strikes. ~5 min read.
Jaswal, R (2018, March). The Tab Warwick. Reactions of staff and students when Warwick propose lecture capture to neutralise the strike.

Edinburgh University recordings used against strikes. ~5 min read.
Ross, S (2018, March 7th). The Scotsman.

Lecture capture policy. ~40 min read.
Edwards, Martin and Henderson (2018, August). This academic legal paper reviews lecture capture practices in the light of GDPR. Responding to function creep of lecture capture into performance appraisal and strike breaking, the authors investigate the policies of 61 institutions and consider their legal standing. Their findings inform the Jisc policy below.

Recording lectures: legal considerations. ~20 min read.
Jisc (updated 2018, June 19th). Sets out employees’ and performers’ rights, and institutions’ obligations.

Motion HE25 Lecture capture and strike action. ~1 min read.
UCU (2018, May 31st). Carried at the UCU 2018 Conference, this resolution asserts that lecture capture should be voluntary and that local lecture capture policy should contain a clause preventing its use during strikes. It asks that the UCU guidance on the filming and recording of lectures be updated to this effect.

Default lecture capture: in defence of academic freedom, safety and wellbeing. ~15 min read.
The Human Geography Research Group, University of Edinburgh (2018, August 27th).  The fruits of a swirl of negativity around lecture capture, this statement sets out pedagocial and well-being reasons to decline to participate.

Warwick UCU asks members to opt out of lecture capture. ~5 min read.
Tarrant, K (2018, September 12th) The Boar, Warwick. UCU does not believe that local practices uphold the legal right to strike, and advises its members against participating in lecture capture. Read that alongside the local lecture capture policy.

‘Next expect locusts’.  Video, 37 min 40 sec.
Highton, M (2018, September 11th). This recording pulls everything above together. A wildcard at ALT-C, this presentation by a senior manager, trade union member and digital educationalist explores the role of educational technologies such as lecture capture during the strike and examines the dilemmas of the staff who support them.

How can trust be restored? We’ll discuss this on the night. Back to basics, Martin Weller’s summary of why we use it, Lecture capture – don’t fight it, feel it, is a 5 min read.

Please bring your institution’s lecture capture policy.

Image source: The Atelier Populair, 1968. On vous intoxique. Available from http://www.openculture.com/2017/01/a-gallery-of-visually-arresting-posters-from-the-may-1968-paris-uprising.html.

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