Classroom Voting

Should you recommend hardware clickers or software, or a mix of both?

What types of questions are most effective?

What else do you need to bear in mind when implementing a new classroom voting solution?

What does the research say? What effective practices should we be promoting to educators?

Read as little or as much as you like, and feel free to bring refreshments.

If you just read one thing

Caldwell, J.E. (2007) Clickers in the Large Classroom: Current Research and Best-Practice Tips. CBE Life SciencesEducation 6, (1) 9-20

If you can read one or two more

Firsing, S.L., Yannessa, J.F. & McGough, F.A.D. (2017) Millennial Student Preference of Audience Response System Technology. Pedagogy in Health Promotion.

Crouch, C.H. and Mazur, E. (2001) Peer Instruction: Ten years of experience and results. American Journal of Physics 69, (9)970-977.

If you have more time

De Gagne, J.C. (2011) The impact of clickers in nursing education: A review of literature. Nurse Education Today 31,(8) e34-40

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