“Does eLearning Work?” paper discussion + Skype with author Will Thalheimer

The question that haunts learning technologists.

E-Learning works better than face-to-face learning!

No! Face-to-face learning always works better than e-Learning!

No! Blended!

Who’s right?

It’s worth worrying about. As an LTech professional, do you know what kind of medicine you’re prescribing? We need to be able to justify our learning interventions beyond buzzwords like ‘innovate!’ ‘disrupt!’ and ‘digital!’

What does the research say? How rigorous is this research? And are we even asking the right question?

To navigate this issue, we’ll discuss Will Thalheimer’s report “Does eLearning Work? What the Scientific Research Says!” and we will speak with the author Will Thalheimer via Skype.

Thalheimer, Will. “Does eLearning Work? What the Scientific Research Says!” Somerville, MA, 2017. http://willthalheimer.typepad.com/files/does-elearning-work-full-research-report-final.pdf.

Michael, Allen, Julie Dirksen, Will Thalheimer, and Clark Quinn. “E-Learning Manifesto,” 2014. http://elearningmanifesto.org/.

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